Where can you buy A.E. Nathan fabrics?

A.E. Nathan fabrics can be purchased in any of the large U.S. retail fabric chains [Wal-mart, Jo-ann's & Hobby Lobby]. In addition, A.E. Nathan's fabrics can be purchased in a wide number of non-chain fabric stores and quilt shops by visiting Where to Buy. Finally, you can contact us by clicking the "contact us" icon on the bottom of the home page for specific questions about where to buy specific A.E Nathan fabric products.

What trademarks does A.E. Nathan own?
As of 2013/2014, A.E. Nathan has trademarked two fabric items. The first one is Comfy Flannel (R) Prints & Solids which is now trademarked in the US and Canada. The second one is Luscious Dimple Fleece (R) which is the A.E. Nathan version of Minkee (R) Fleece with the dimple. Please note that all violations of the A.E. Nathan trademarks are taken very seriously and will be aggressively pursued.

Where are A.E. Nathan's offices?
A.E. Nathan is located at 49 West 37th street in Manhattan on the North side of the street between 5th and 6th avenues on the 14th floor.

Where does A.E. Nathan's fabric ship from?
All of A.E. Nathan's products ship from Seneca, S.C.

Does A.E. Nathan have its own shipping and double and rolling facility?
Yes, it is called G&S South in Seneca, SC.

Where are A.E. Nathan's products produced?
Most of the A.E. Nathan flannel products and quilting fabrics are produced in Pakistan. The A.E. Nathan yarn dyed flannels are produced in India. All fleece is produced in China. The homespuns are produced in India. 

What should you do if you have a problem with your fabric or a question that you cannot get answered?
Click the Contact Us link.

How does one get the variety of different swatch cards that A.E. Nathan produces each year?
Please contact scott@jaftex.com or call 800-294-9495 x218 to see if you are eligible to receive A.E. Nathan's product swatchcards.

Does A.E. Nathan provide charitable donations or donations for shop hops?
A.E. Nathan takes pride in donating a lot of flannel and other fabrics every year to important charitable organizations and causes. Please contact us regarding donations. We try to accommodate all requests for shop hop donations as well, but prefer that some of the shops in the shop hop actually buy fabric from A.E. Nathan Co., Inc.

How can one become a licensor for A.E. Nathan?
A.E. Nathan is always looking for new and creative designers who are interested in designing fabric lines for A.E. Nathan and its related companies. Please feel free to send groups of designs to our home office address (attention Scott) or email them to scott@jaftex.com. A.E. Nathan is also always seeking to create licensing arrangements with major studios, cartoons, movies, games, etc.

Did we answer all of your questions?
If not, please feel free to "contact us" and ask your question.